CBE is a Toronto based company producing a line of high-end, unisex clothing with a focus on experimentation and a love for collaboration. CBE is committed to sustainable and ethical production all within its hometown city of Toronto. All CBE products are exclusively made in a 50 km-radius of their studio downtown.

In 2008, CBE first hit the Toronto fashion scene and has expanded every year since. With a growing collection of items - from their signature hooded sweatshirt designs to their self designed t-shirt cuts and well-received pet hoody line. CBE stands out from the rest with a strong sense of artistic risk, a well-thought-out design and a conscious soul in each step of business.

After 5 years of business, CBE wrapped in April of 2013 with a packed studio party celebrating all the success and fun over the years. Watch the last CBE video collaboration featuring the "Golden Sweater", a hoody that pays homage to the first ever CBE hoody created.